World Sight Day 2012

World Sight Day was on 12th October 2012. The practice participated in fundraising for the charity Optometry Giving Sight, by donating money from each eye examination throughout October. Many of our patients also donated – thank you. 6oo million people in the world are blind or have impaired vision, simply because they do not have access to the basic eye care and spectacles, that we take for granted. Providing vision correction to a school-age child can literally transform their entire life. The money raised will go directly to supporting programmes that will give sight to those most in need.

Patricia Hayselden and Partners has won a Gold fundraising award from Optometry Giving Sight, through a fixed donation per eye examination and our patients’ voluntary donations.

Our practice was inspired by stories like that of Loid Semente, who is one of the students training to become an optometrist with the Mozambique Eyecare Project, supported by Optometry Giving Sight. Loid will be one of the first optometrists in her country. She is passionate about optometry because of the significant impact it can have for the people of Mozambique. “Sight is empowering. For some, access to eye care is the first step towards getting an education, or providing for your family,” she said.

Optometry Giving Sight guarantees that 85% of all funds raised by optometrists and their patients go directly to supporting programmes that give sight to those most in need. Funds raised from World Sight Day Challenge will be directed to projects in 23 countries around the world. For more information about Optometry Giving Sight and the World Sight Day Challenge, visit

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