We stock many accessories, to ensure that your eyewear stays in excellent condition.


It is wise to clean your spectacle lenses with proprietary fluids and cloth, to prolong their life.  We will advise you on the best products for your lens type.

Cases, cords and chains

To minimise damage to your lenses when you are not wearing them, we advise keeping your specs in a suitable case. A hard-bodied case will offer the best protection at the bottom of a handbag, whilst a slimmer softer case may fit better in a jacket pocket – we can provide whatever you’d prefer.

If it is more practical for you to have your reading specs on a cord or chain around your neck, then we can show you a selection – please note that this isn’t the best way to prolong the life of your specs and you may like to discuss varifocals with us.

Adjustment and tightening

Regular use of your spectacles will probably result in your frame loosening, in the way it fits your face and at the screw junctions. Please contact us to book an appointment for a free-of-charge spectacles MoT.  You may find it useful to buy a small screwdriver from us for occasional home maintenance.

Magnification and Illumination

We stock a wide range of Magnifying glasses, to help with reading small print such as instructions on packets or to help with crafts such as cross-stitch.  We can also supply a fluorescent lamp for better illumination with close tasks.

A selection of our Eschenbach magnifier range

Contact Lens care and Eye care

Reusable contact lenses will require cleaning and disinfecting each day with proprietary sterile fluids – we keep a wide range of products for soft and gas-permeable lenses in stock, such as Opti-free and Avizor GP. If you are a regular lens wearer on our Gold or Silver Plan schemes, then you are entitled to discounts on these products. We also stock some eyedrop products and eye-vitamin supplements.

Sunglasses and clip-ons

We stock a wide range of non-prescription sunglasses and also clip-on polarised attachments that can fit onto your usual spectacles, to convert them into sunglasses. Of course, you can discuss prescription sunglasses with us at any time.