Our Fees and Charges

(Effective from 1st January 2024)

NHS eye examinations

No charge

For certain exempt groups.
Only at set intervals, otherwise private charges apply.


Digital photography / Upgrade to Premium eye examination (see below):

OCT & Digital photography / Upgrade to Premium Plus eye examination (see below):

Private eye examinations

Standard:   £49.00
Premium:   £62.00
Premium+: £76.00

The Premium Examination includes a Photographic Assessment and some additional investigations as required e.g. soreness, light flashes etc. However, the 40 minutes appointment may not have time for investigating more specific symptoms, so a further appointment may be required (fee payable).

We now also offer a Premium Plus examination, for details of this please click here

Standard: £44.00
Premium: £57.00

Re-examination within 9 months, or youths under 25:

£25.00 – £75.00

Additional consultation:

Private patients or when cannot be covered within an NHS exam. Price according to time required.
(Alternatively a MECS appointment may be applicable for Oxfordshire residents)

Dry Eye Clinic


Consisting of 2 appointments and a phone consultation
(Alternatively a MECS appointment may be applicable for Oxfordshire residents)

Coloured Overlay Test


(including the supply of an overlay)

Private eye examinations for contact lens wearers

New patient or first fitting:


First consultation – specs and CL assessments

Up to one hour and a follow up appointment if trial lenses used
(Reduced by up to £20 if already paid for spectacle exam or is NHS entitled)

Existing patient:


Single appointment for CL aftercare

Standard: £81.00
Premium: £91.00

Single appointment combining CL aftercare with spectacles examination and eye health checks. Reduced by £20 if NHS entitled.

Read more about our Gold and Silver Plans here >>

Gold Plan

Unlimited consultations throughout the year

Silver Plan

Two consultations per year

Copy of Prescription


To supply extra copy of prescription

Patient PD Request


15 minute appointment with the dispenser