Additional features and types of contact lenses

Toric lenses

These are especially designed for people with astigmatism – where your eye is a slightly irregular shape. Available as a daily disposable, fortnightly, monthly or annual soft lens, and gas permeable lens.

Multifocal lenses

If you need help with focusing on objects close up, in your intermediate vision and in the distance, then multifocal lenses are a good choice for you. These lenses give total freedom from bifocal, multifocal or reading spectacles and are available in a variety of materials, so they are suitable for everyday or part-time wear.

Tinted and coloured lenses

Tinted lenses enhance the natural colour of your eyes and are especially effective if you have pale-coloured eyes. If your eyes are naturally grey, wearing tinted lenses can make them look blue or green; light brown eyes can be transformed into dark brown or hazel eyes, depending on the tint you choose.

Coloured lenses can be worn to change the colour of your eyes. Sophisticated manufacturing techniques enable coloured lenses to be printed with subtle patterns which mimic the natural variations in colour found in your eyes. So even though you may have made your brown eyes look blue, the colour still appears natural.