COVID-19 Update 2023

As COVID and other seasonal viruses are still prevalent in Oxfordshire, we ask that you bring a mask (we can supply one to you if required) – to wear during the parts of the examination where we need to get close to you.

To protect you, the optometrist will continue to wear a mask. Please let us know if you would like all staff to wear one whilst you are in the practice.

We ask that you rearrange your appointment, if you have current symptoms that could be contagious, such as a new fever, cough, runny nose.

Our practice team is available Monday to Friday (and some Saturdays) to look after you, for all aspects of your eye care requirements.

Due to a large backlog of reminder letters, we are significantly behind schedule with sending these out to you. Please do not wait for a letter – just get in touch when you would like to see us. If you feel that you are having any difficulties, or if we have not seen you within the past 2 years – please contact our friendly reception staff on 01491 835466, who will be able to check your records and arrange for your next appointment to be scheduled into our diary, at the earliest opportunity.

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