Prescription Designer Sunspecs from £99


At Patricia Hayselden and Partners, we have some great designer sunglasses, ready for the summer season. To make our collection even more attractive we can personalise them even further with your own prescription so you can read, drive or just relax safely in the summer sun and view everything in crystal clear vision.

All this from just £99 complete

Plus, why not upgrade your designer sunglases with Kodak UVSun Polarised Lenses or Kodak Photochromic Lenses from just £40 more

Kodak UVSun Polarised Lenses reduce glare and ensure you see all the vibrant detail that life throws at you, plus offer 100% UV protection as standard.

Whether indoors or out, Kodak Photochromic Lenses will react to the light surroundings to give you a comfortable visual experience… clear indoors and darkening in the bright sunshine when outdoors

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