Will I be able to feel contact lenses when they are in my eyes?

You may be slightly aware of the lenses at first, but most people find it is not at all uncomfortable. If lenses are not cleaned properly and dust or debris is left on them, they may cause temporary irritation, which can usually be solved by thoroughly rinsing the lenses before reinserting them.

Can children wear contact lenses?

It is generally recommended that their prescription is stable and the child is mature enough to handle and care for them properly with minimal supervision.

Are contact lenses safe for sport?

Contact lenses are excellent for sport:

  • They give you an unrestricted view
  • They won’t mist over when you get hot
  • They won’t get smeared with raindrops
  • They can’t be knocked off your face, unlike spectacles

Contact lenses are not recommended for swimming without a well fitting mask or goggles.

Can I still wear make-up?

Yes, but if possible choose creams rather than powders.

Can lenses get lost in my eyes?

No, it’s impossible for contact lenses to move behind the eye. If they do slip out of place, it’s easy to move them back into position.

Should I still keep my glasses?

Yes: if you get an eye infection it is possible that you will be advised to cease contact lens wear whilst the infection is being treated, or you may lose or damage a lens so spectacles will be needed.